Movie Review: Fantastic Beast & Where to Find Them (No Spoilers)

    I don't typically do movie reviews, on my blog or anywhere else, but I feel like this is a special occasion! I grew up with Harry Potter - waiting for new books to come out, racing my friends to finish it first, seeing the movies at midnight the night they came out! The book releases spanned my teenage and young adult years, from reading the first few books at age 14 to the final movie at 25. My first date with my husband was to see Disney/Pixar's UP! But our second date(s) were a Harry Potter movie marathon before seeing the 6th movie at the drive in. My love of the Harry Potter universe is a close second to my love of Disney.

Our First European Adventure: Two Americans in Paris

    To get caught up on our trip so far, Amsterdam was awesome (Day 1Day 2) and our first day in Paris was... a learning experience.  Determined to see some of the world famous attractions Paris has to offer, we had a quick room-service breakfast of fruit and baguettes and got ready.  I grabbed our passport to lock in the safe and we set off on our site seeing expedition!