Wedding Planning Trip - Orlando, Day 3

Today was the last day of our trip together. At midnight, it was time to book our cruise excursions. Didn't get everything we wanted on the days we wanted, but I was able to move things around and get everything. Tina and I then stayed up talking until about 6am... which is why we slept through my alarm at 9:30. I woke up at 10:54am and we had breakfast reservations at 11!

After rushing around like crazy, including packing up to leave, we made it to Grand Floridian about 45 minutes late. They said we might be too late for characters. But we got to see Alice, Mad Hatter, and Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is Ken's favorite, so I've been wondering about this place-1900 Park Fare. I told Alice that she was Tina's favorite and she responded "I'm my favorite too!" Which we got a kick out of.
Overall, I liked the breakfast despite not being a "breakfast" person.

After breakfast/pretty much lunch, we walked around the hotel a bit and then used a groupon I found for us to get our nails done. After that, it was time to leave. Tina drove me to the airport, and after a few hiccups, I boarded my flight. We both arrived safely at our destinations.

I had such a great time and I can't wait to be back down there again in less than 70 days!

Wedding Planning Trip - Orlando, Day 2

Today, Tina and I slept in and relaxed. Once we decided to start the day, we went back to Disney for lunch. We ate at Beaches & Cream, complete with root beer float and sundae. After eating, we walked around the Boardwalk and other Epcot hotels for a while. It started looking like it was going to rain so we left and went shopping at a few of the discount roadside places.

For dinner, we chose to venture over to Universal City Walk. We visited all the shops, waiting to get hungry, since we had a late lunch. After picking up a few gifts for our significant others, we decided to eat at Hard Rock.

Since we had already checked out all the shops at City Walk, we went to Downtown Disney Westside. On the way, we caught a few of the bigger Epcot fireworks. We did a bit more shopping, continued on through Pleasure Island, and then revisited the Marketplace. We caught the boat back over to the Westside and called it a night.

Never Grow Up,

Wedding Planning Trip - Orlando, Day 1

We checked out of our hotel in Bradenton and arrived in Orlando around noon. It was too early to check in at the new hotel, so we decided to head to Downtown Disney for lunch. We ate at Earl of Sandwich. I was fighting a massive headache so after we ate, I picked up some really expensive Tylenol and Aleve. It was worth it because the only other thing that helped was standing with my hand pressed on to of my head, which was only slightly embarrassing. We walked around in World of Disney for a while, but didn't find anything we were dying to buy. We finished up our time at DTD with sundaes at Ghiradelli. By that time, we could check in at the hotel so we came back and took a nap.
For dinner, we went to Kona at the Polynesian. Neither of us were in love with our meals, but they were pretty good. We then took a monorail tour around the resort's. Tina loves Victorian things, so she liked the Grand Floridian. We then did a little shopping at the Contemporary. The fireworks started as we left the Contemporary, so we were able to see some of them from the monorail. We ended up getting stuck in the Magic Kingdom exit traffic, but it wasn't too bad.
All in all, it was a good day.

Even when wedding planning, Never Grow Up!

Wedding Planning Trip - Siesta Key/Sarasota

Yesterday was a little slow to start. Tina and I accidentally stayed up taking until 5am the night before, so when the alarm went off, neither of us were thrilled.

Upon arrival in Siesta Key, we had lunch at Captain Curt's (best clam chowder ever... except the now closed Oyster Bar). It almost felt like coming home; the area is just so familiar to me.

The first appointment of the day was with the florist. I was a little surprised because I thought by actually coming in that I'd be able to see what my flowers would look like. Pretty much all we did was discuss what I wanted, which we'd already been doing over email. I also found out that a few changes I was wanting to make would add $75 to the cost. I'll figure something else out or just keep the flowers how I had them.

Next, we went to my hair trial. That was fairly upsetting because the stylest told that my hair won't work for any of the styles I wanted. I brought 4 different pictures thinking that at least one of them would work. They were all fairly similar, but we're different enough that I thought I had enough variety. She told me my hair was too thin, even though I have a lot of hair, to do the styles I wanted. She tried to do something similar, but it just didn't look right. She made some suggestions for how it could be changed, but I don't think it will change the look enough to make it like what I had been picturing. Back to the drawing board on that one.

With all the wedding appointments finished, Tina and I began the vacation portion of our trip. We went out and laid on the beach by Calini. We got in the ocean for a little while too. It was so relaxing to hear the waves crash against the shore. When it started to thunder, we packed up and left. We had dinner at Daiquiri Deck, walked around the shops, then I got ice cream at Big Olaf's.

When we got back to the hotel, Tina played around with a few different styles in my hair. We also started googling for celebrity updos with hair similar to mine. I think we found the look I want, that will actually quirk with my hair. I'm feeling pretty excited about it. All in all, despite the disappointment, it was a very good day.

Wedding Planning Trip - Anna Maria Island

Today was our day on Anna Maria Island. We grabbed lunch at the BeachHouse, where Ken and I are getting married. We started with coconut shrimp (amazing) and conch fritters (it had peppers, so I didn't love it, but I think Ken will). Then Tina and I split the tropical chicken and grouper. The chicken was good, for someone that doesn't love chicken. The grouper was great.

Throughout the meal, particularly during our eating shrimp, this one seagull would NOT leave us alone. Most of them were just flying around, chill. But this one kept trying to land on our table. He was so close I could have touched him several times. It made for an interesting meal.
After eating, it was time for our appointment with Shawn, the wedding specialist for the restaurant. She was running a bit late, due to a wreck, so Tina and I grabbed a couple pina coladas to enjoy while we waited. Tina said it was better than the ones she had in Puerto Rico, where they supposedly have the best in the world. Once Shawn arrived, we talked about menu, timeline, linens, etc.
After a good 2 hours of wedding talk, we drove around the island. We stopped by the park where we are having the cookout, picked up some info from the chamber of commerce, and tried to go to the beach, but it was surprisingly difficult to find a public beach with parking. The clouds were starting to roll in so we decided to call it a day and had on back to the hotel. By the way, Gigi's cupcakes taste even better the next day!

One of my favorite parts of today was actually being about to see the venue in person, visualizing everything. It made things feel more real than ever! I'm so excited for Ken and I to start our lives together in such a beautiful location.

Wedding Planning Trip - Arrival Day

Yesterday, I arrived in Florida for my wedding planning/detail finalization trip. My friend Tina picked me up at the airport and we began our journey. First thing was a cupcake tasting at Gigi's cupcakes in Tampa. We both thought that the "Wedding cake" flavor (white cake, white buttercream) was rather dry. The southern comfort (pecan pie flavored) was very dense and sticky. The cherry cola flavored one wasn't bad. My favorite was the strawberry flavored one. We also tried some mini cupcakes, not shown. They were chocolate with cream cheese frosting and yellow with chocolate frosting. Both of those were good, too. I liked them, but I'm not sure how feasible it will be to actually have them at the wedding, due to the distance. We could have them delivered, but it pretty much doubled the price.

After that, we went to an outlet mall where I found 2 (yes, TWO) pairs of shorts that fit for less than $20 Total. That was pretty exciting for me! After picking up a present for Ken, we grabbed some dinner and went back to the hotel, where Tina helped me edit my thesis... again. We stayed up talking until about 2am.

Definitely a good start to the trip.